Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP)

Formally known as Aerial Work Platform (AWP)


This course provides instructions to a trainee, including knowledge regarding potential hazards, that will enable him/her to become a qualified operator of various types of MEWPs.


This course trains a demonstrator to familiarise operators with their responsibilities and demonstrate pre-operational and safe operating procedures, and the limitations of MEWPs.


This course trains and assesses an instructor to understand the delivery of the IPAF training programme, and assesses knowledge on machines and ability to convey information to candidates.

Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP)

  • Mobile Operators
  • Demonstrators
  • Installers
  • Advanced Installers
  • Instructors

Other courses

Harness Use and Inspection (H)

This course instructs a user to select, inspect and use a harness and associated equipment safely when using a MEWP.

Loading/Unloading (LOAD)

This course instructs an operator in the correct safety procedures for the loading, unloading and securing of machinery prior to or following transportation by road.

MEWPs for Managers (MM)

MEWPs for Managers (formally AWPs for Managers) is aimed at those who plan, supervise or manage temporary work at height with Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs), also known as Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs) and can assure compliance with new requirements for supervisor training in the new ANSI A92 suite of standards in the US. Can be completed via eLearning or at an IPAF-approved training center (one day course).