Construction Hoist Installer

Correct installation (and dismantling) of construction hoists must be carried out by a trained person to ensure the equipment is safe and effective to use throughout its duration on site. The courses guide candidates through every aspect of the process including necessary legal requirements, roles and responsibilities, troubleshooting and the practical application of skills. The courses can be tailored to individual candidate’s needs and level of experience and encompass all types of construction hoist: transport platform hoists (TPH), passenger hoists (PH) and goods hoists (GH).

The courses must be taken in-person at an IPAF Approved Training Centre or premises and comprise of theory training and tests, and practical training and tests.


The courses are aimed at technicians who wish to acquire the necessary knowledge to safely install, maintain, examine and dismantle construction hoists. 

Candidates must be able to demonstrate evidence of six months (minimum) of supervised experience of installing hoists. 


How to confidently and safely install, maintain, examine and dismantle any type of construction hoist in line with legal obligations, based on an understanding of safe systems of work (SSoW), including risk assessments and method statements. The courses are in-depth and include intensive technical theory training and supervised on site practice of application of installation and dismantling of hoists.

Candidate numbers per course are very low, allowing a high instructor-to-candidate ratio and enabling focused delivery to the candidate of a complex area of training.


The Installer Course is a minimum of five days. The Advanced Installer Course is a minimum of three days, and a minimum of twelve months of experience between taking the Installer and the Advanced Installer Course is required. The duration of each course is highly dependent on individuals’ experience and can be tailored to their needs. The course days do not have to be consecutive, allowing more flexibility for candidates to fit training in around their work.


Successful candidates will receive a digital certificate, accessed via the IPAF ePAL app. Both the Installer and the Advanced Installer certificates are valid for five years.

For more information or to book this course, please contact a participating IPAF Approved Training Centre