IPAF Committees

IPAF’s key areas of work are led by specialist committees of volunteers that meet regularly during the year. Committee membership is open to IPAF members in the relevant category, e.g. manufacturer members of IPAF are entitled to take part in the meetings of the Manufacturers’ Technical Committee.

If you wish to join or contact one of the committees, please email info@ipaf.org.

IPAF International Safety Committee (ISC)

A new International Safety Committee (ISC) has been created by the IPAF, to assist in globalising standards development and effective implementation, and promoting awareness about industry safe practice.  

IPAF Training Committee

The IPAF Training Committee is the custodian of IPAF's training programme and meets every three months to review issues related to course content, training material and training centre requirements.

IPAF Manufacturers’ Technical Committee (MTC)

The IPAF MTC concentrates on all technical and safety matters relating to platform design and manufacture. It monitors and informs on changing legislation and technical standards, and lobbies on matters of relevance to manufacturers.

IPAF Rental+ Committee

This committee promotes and regulates the IPAF Rental+ quality mark. IPAF Rental+ is an independent quality mark awarded to member rental companies who have been audited to meet defined standards in customer service, safety, staff training, contract terms and machine inspection.

International Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP) Committee

This committee deals with all matters specific to mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs) and focuses on best practice for installation, maintenance, thorough examination and safe use of MCWPs.

Non-IPAF Committees & Groups

IPAF and IPAF staff are involved in a range of other committees and groups, including Plant Safety Group, Build UK committees, ERA committees, FEM committees, BSI, CEN & ISO standards committees, as well as others.

IPAF's Powered Access Contractor Forum (PACF)

The Powered Access Contractor Forum (PACF) is a safe space for contractors to talk directly with each other and with IPAF's senior management team about any powered access-related issues they face on-site.  Forum meetings are virtual, held 2 to 3 times per year, and open to all contractors.  The aim of the forum is for all parties to work together to resolve issues and improve safety.  To find out more or join the group please contact richard.whiting@ipaf.org.