Inspecting a MEWP

Learn to correctly perform in-service inspections of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) to ensure safety and to meet legal requirements.

Legal requirement

Lifting equipment, including MEWPs, must be inspected six-monthly/annually* by a competent person to ensure health and safety conditions are maintained,  and that deterioration can be detected and remedied in good time. 

Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDIs) and in-service inspections are a vital part of a service plan together with six-monthly/annual* inspections as stipulated above to ensure that MEWPs remain safe to use.

Who should take this course?

  • Rental company staff
  • Service technicians/mechanics
  • Depot-based personnel

Course content:

  • Relevant legislation and legal requirements for a PDI
  • Common MEWP faults
  • When to pass or fail a MEWP under inspection
  • How to conduct a PDI for specific categories of MEWPs
  • Group exercises and hands-on practice
  • Theory and practical test

Find your nearest IPAF PDI course by using the ‘Find a training centre’. Select ‘Pre-delivery inspections’ from the ‘Courses offered’ drop-down box.

MEWPs are one of the safest ways to perform temporary work at height. Ensure your equipment is safe to use through good maintenance regimes ranging from pre-use checks, pre-delivery and in-service inspections, to regular six-monthly/annual inspections as required by law, and major inspections. Guidance and resources on this subject are at

*Please refer to country-specific legal requirements when determining the regularity of MEWP inspections.