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The British Standards Online (BSOL) is a comprehensive online standards library with over 90,000 internationally recognised standards. IPAF members have access to search and browse the library and full read access to a collection of specific MEWP and MCWP standards.

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  • When a MEWP is delivered or collected from a site, loading and unloading on the public highway should be avoided wherever possible. The aim is to minimise risk to employees and members of the public by ensuring delivery vehicles park away from public highways and pavements.

    Added 23 Feb 2024
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    Loading Unloading MEWPs Public Highways Mockup - EN
  • The purpose of this IPAF Rental Standard is to acknowledge and document what is recognised as industry good practice, which in many cases exceeds minimum legislative requirements, therefore promoting and enabling the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide.

    Added 8 Dec 2023
    Last updated 8 Dec 2023

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  • The IPAF Global Safety Report 2023, covering 2012 - 2022 data, analyses the main causes of serious injuries and fatalities occurring when using powered access machines to conduct temporary work at height, highlighting the need to gather more near-miss data from across the industry worldwide to help avoid the most common types of serious accident in future.

    Added 28 Jun 2023
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    Global MEWP Safety Report 2023 - Promo WEB