IPAF Safety Professional Member

IPAF has launched a new type of membership, the Safety Professional member category, aimed at those in health & safety or related supervisory roles.

  • A safety trail demonstrating the most common types of MEWP accidents, as identified by the latest analysis of data gathered in IPAF’s incident reporting project, will be the theme of the IPAF stand at Vertikal Days 2021 in Peterborough, UK, 22-23 September.

  • A certification equivalency agreement has been reached between the SSVV or Foundation for Safety Cooperation and IPAF that means all valid IPAF PAL Cards will now be recognised at petrochemicals sites and installations in the Netherlands.

  • Martin Wraith has been recruited to a new role to oversee the development, implementation, and ongoing audit of the IPAF Rental+ standard for hire members. IPAF Rental+ is the standard for quality and safety in the MEWP rental industry

  • The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) will support OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week, beginning with a free webinar on how to operate Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MCWPs), formerly known as Aerial Work Platforms, safely.

  • An International Safety Committee has been created by IPAF, to globalise standards development and assist in effective implementation and promoting awareness about industry safe practice. IPAF is now inviting representatives to join the new committee.

  • The latest IPAF Global Safety Report analyses the main causes of serious injuries and fatalities occurring when using powered access machines in the period 2016-2020, and highlights the need to gather more near-miss data from across the industry worldwide.

  • The latest addition to the Andy Access poster and Toolbox Talk series focuses on Nominated Ground Rescue Persons and the importance of their being familiar with
    the MEWP’s auxiliary/emergency lowering systems and the rescue plan that is in place.

  • The family of Roger Wickens, this year’s posthumous recipient of the Lifetime Achievement International Award for Powered Access, has been presented with a commemorative glass trophy following the virtual IAPAs ceremony earlier this year.

  • The launch of a new mobile app for operators of MEWPs and MCWPs aims to bring training certification into the digital era and reduce the environmental impact involved in issuing the IPAF PAL Card and certificate to newly qualified operators worldwide.

  • IPAF has made its worldwide accident reporting portal available in multiple languages and added a new dashboard to give members access to the latest available data to assist in setting their company’s safety strategy.

  • Member firms are being encouraged to embrace the options for in-work training to support and certify MEWP technicians via the Roadmap that was developed by IPAF, as the first wave of candidates complete their level 2 and level 3 NVQs.

  • Members of the powered access industry are invited to join a free online seminar to explore issues around the challenges and opportunities of environmental sustainability, including information about how stakeholders can lead positive changes in their sector.

  • Newly released IPAF Toolbox Talks, designed to share specific safety messages on work sites, are now available. They are two short presentations with supporting Andy Access posters covering the use and inspection of PFPE when using MEWPs.