IPAF News Widget

Feature the IPAF widget on your website

IPAF members can now add a live feed of news about their federation to their websites. By adding the “IPAF widget” to your website, you will have a constant source of news and will help promote IPAF’s activities.

A widget is a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based webpage by an end-user without requiring additional programming. The IPAF widget takes the form of a yellow box featuring a ticker with IPAF news.

To use the IPAF widget on your website, you need the following code:

<iframe height="200" width="400" scrolling="no" src="https://www.ipaf.org/en-us/news-feed?logo=1"></iframe>

This code should be placed in HTML code at the position where you wish the widget to appear on your website. The code must be placed within the BODY tag. If you are using a web-based content management system, click on the “Source” button to view the HTML code.

Note: The code must be typed in HTML and not in Word. If you simply type the code in Word and copy and paste, some formatting in the text (e.g. the difference between these two forms of quotation marks: “ and " ) may be retained and result in the widget not working. You can avoid this problem by either of these options: 1) copy the code from this document and paste, or 2) type the code in a plain text editor (“Notepad”), then copy and paste.


Editing the size of the frame

To edit the height or width of the iFrame you can increase or decrease the number (of pixels) inside quotations after 'height=' and 'width=', alternatively you can set the width to 100% and this will scale with the browser size.

Editing the language of the feed

The above example displays news in English US. To edit the language change the 'src' URL to one of the following:

  • English, Global: https://www.ipaf.org/en/news-feed?logo=1
  • English UK: https://www.ipaf.org/en-gb/news-feed?logo=1
  • English US: https://www.ipaf.org/en-us/news-feed?logo=1
  • Dutch: https://www.ipaf.org/nl/news-feed?logo=1
  • Frenchhttps://www.ipaf.org/fr/news-feed?logo=1
  • German: https://www.ipaf.org/de/news-feed?logo=1
  • Italian: https://www.ipaf.org/it/news-feed?logo=1
  • Portuguesehttps://www.ipaf.org/pt/news-feed?logo=1
  • Spanish: https://www.ipaf.org/es/news-feed?logo=1
  • Chinese, Simplified: https://www.ipaf.org/zh-hans/news-feed?logo=1

Link to the IPAF website

Alternatively, use IPAF’s RSS feed to feature IPAF news on your website.

  • English, Global: https://www.ipaf.org/en/news/news.rss
  • English UK: https://www.ipaf.org/en-gb/news/news.rss
  • English US: https://www.ipaf.org/en-us/news/news.rss
  • Dutch: https://www.ipaf.org/nl/news/news.rss
  • Frenchhttps://www.ipaf.org/fr/news/news.rss
  • German: https://www.ipaf.org/de/news/news.rss
  • Italian: https://www.ipaf.org/it/news/news.rss
  • Portuguesehttps://www.ipaf.org/pt/news/news.rss
  • Spanish: https://www.ipaf.org/es/news/news.rss
  • Chinese, Simplified: https://www.ipaf.org/zh-hans/news/news.rss