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The British Standards Online (BSOL) is a comprehensive online standards library with over 90,000 internationally recognised standards. IPAF members have access to search and browse the library and full read access to a collection of specific MEWP and MCWP standards.

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    Krafthand Media has published this year's edition of the German-language IPAF-Journal magazine. The circulation of 40,000 copies is distributed through IPAF member companies and training centres to customers, course participants and other interested parties, as well as through the recipients of bd-baumaschinenendienst and GaLaBau magazines to companies in the construction industry. In addition, a digital version is available on the internet as an eMagazine.

    Added 27 Mar 2019
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    IPAF Powered Access

    The IPAF Powered Access magazine is the federation’s UK annual journal and one of its most successful publications.

    Added 12 Mar 2019
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    Powered Access Magazine 2019
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    IPAF Summit 2019 Presentations

    Presentations from the 2019 IPAF Summit in Dubai, UAE. The theme for the conference was 'Get Ready for Digitalisation'.

    Added 11 Mar 2019
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    IPAF Summit 2019 in Dubai, with Tim Whiteman Introducing the Conference