Lost PAL Card


If you have lost your PAL Card (Powered Access Licence) you will need to order a replacement, there will be a fee for a replacement card or download the free ePAL app and get your digital licence, find out more about ePAL. Your licence can still be verified using the PAL Card online verification tool.

To order a replacement PAL Card, please:

  • Contact the IPAF-approved Training Centre that trained you. You can search for training centres here.
  • If you cannot find the training centre, the name of the training centre should appear on your certificate, issued at the same time as the PAL Card. If you no longer have the certificate, please check your log book for information about the training centre that trained you. The name and number should be in there for you.
  • If you have downloaded the IPAF ePAL app and added your IPAF licence, your training centre will be listed with their contact details.
  • If this information is not available or you no longer have your log book or access to the IPAF ePAL app, please submit the form below and a member of IPAF staff will get back to you with your operator number, and the name and number of the training centre that trained you. Your full name and date of birth are required to find your details on the IPAF system.

If you still need assistance, please call us at +44 (0)15395 66700 or contact your nearest country office.

Contact IPAF

To get support with ePAL and eLearning click here. If you have lost your PAL Card, please go to the Lost PAL Card page for more information.

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