ePAL app with a PAL Card and a MEWP Operator


Get ready for the digitisation of PAL Cards via the new ePAL app

What is ePAL?
ePAL is the name of IPAF's new mobile phone app through which the PAL Card, and many other operator-focused features, can be accessed.

When is it available?
Launching in April 2021 for the UK and Ireland, new operators will download the ePAL app to access their digital PAL Cards, logbooks and safety guides.

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Why is it being launched?
IPAF is committed to driving sustainable change in the industry. ePAL replaces the need for paper and plastic documents and licences, conveniently bringing them together in one place. Operators’ qualifications and experience can easily be recorded, stored, and shared.  

What are the benefits?
ePAL is highly convenient for operators and their employers – licences, qualifi cations and practical experience are easily shared from the operator’s phone giving peace-of-mind in light of safety and security. Digital PAL Cards are also fraud smart and benefi t from the extra security provided by a mobile phone’s log-in measures. ePAL provides operators with access to the latest in safety information and best practice to help them be safer in their workplace. 

“The introduction of ePAL and digital PAL Cards is another great integration of digital technology welcomed by VINCI Construction UK. As we embrace more digital technologies we become many things; more sustainable; better connected, more engaging and ultimately, efficient.”
Alan Woodage, Health and Safety Manager, Taylor Woodrow