Become an IPAF member

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF). By joining IPAF you are joining a global movement to ensure a safer powered access industry. Click here for a full list of benefits.

Before submitting your membership application, please review the membership categories and costs below. If you are unsure of which category is most appropriate for you, please contact your nearest IPAF office.

As a full member, you will have voting rights, an associate member has no voting rights. A current list of members can be found here.


Membership Categories and Prices

FULL MEMBER (voting rights)
Manufacturer Manufacturer of powered access equipment. $1,861.00
Dealer / Distributor A dealer or distributor of powered access equipment. $825.00
Contractor / Industrial User Large user of powered access equipment. $825.00
Hirer / Rental A company that provides powered access equipment for rental. $825.00
Training Training company that provides training for powered access equipment. Please note to become an approved IPAF Training Centre, you will need to apply to become an approved IPAF Training Centre (additional fees apply). $825.00
Public Utility A utilities/infrastructure company (gas, electricity, telecoms etc) that operates multiple machines. $439.00
Service / Component Supplier A company that offers a service to all owners and users of powered access equipment, i.e. servicing machines or a company that supplies components to manufacturers/dealers/rental companies of powered access equipment. $347.00
Independent Instructor An independent instructor who is qualified to deliver IPAF Training through IPAF Approved Training Centres. $347.00
Group Group is only available if another part of the company is a member; for example, in a different country. $439.00


ASSOCIATE MEMBER (non-voting rights)
Association For trade bodies and other membership organisations $550.00
Press A publishing company that has an interest in the powered access industry. $311.00
Company Associate A company that has an interest in the powered access industry but may not be directly associated with the industry (e.g. an insurance company). $311.00
Individual Associate An individual that has an interest in the powered access industry but may not be directly associated with the industry. $193.00
Small User An individual or small company that operates one or two machines. $111.00