Latest Andy Access posters contain MCWP-specific advice

Andy Access AM1

The latest selection of award-winning Andy Access posters has now been released by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), taking the total number in the series so far to 20.

The latest messages include three for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) operations – Caution with guardrails; Setting up on a slope?; and Correct MEWP selection – and for the first time there are also posters specifically for Mast-Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs): Don’t overload the platform; and Do not interfere with ties.

The latest updates bolster IPAF’s popular series of safety posters designed for job-sites, rental depots and breakrooms, which last year was recognised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in the UK.

The posters are all available as a free download to anyone wishing to access them at and have been translated into eight languages including Chinese. There is also a series of accompanying Toolbox Talks being developed, which can also be downloaded for free from the IPAF website

Looking in more detail at some of the latest messages, IPAF’s “Setting up on a slope?” Andy Access poster reminds managers and operators to carefully assess gradient and ground conditions and to ensure outriggers and spreader pads are on level and stable ground before carrying out work, while the “Don’t overload the platform” poster cautions against exceeding the specified weight limit on MCWPs.

Tim Whiteman, CEO of IPAF, says: “These posters are a simple way for employers and managers to get safety messages across. IPAF offers the posters free for anyone to download, so why not download a new poster every month? You can even add your company logo and make it part of your company’s wider safety campaign. It’s amazing how effective the IPAF Andy Access posters are.”

The next wave of posters is also currently being developed, while further work is underway to provide additional Toolbox Talks in support of the latest posters.

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