IPAF Webinar: Reducing accidents through intelligence

Online via Teams Live
16 September 2020, 12.00pm UK time (GMT+1)

Register now and join host IPAF and guest presenters to look at how IPAF's worldwide accident reporting project is reducing accidents through intelligence. The data collated helps IPAF and its members to identify areas of risk, common trends, and industry insights to improve the safe use of powered access.
Peter Douglas, IPAF’s MD and CEO will give an introduction to the accident reporting project and why every member around the world needs to be part of this life-saving initiative. Peter, as Chair of the UK Country Council, led on the project at its beginning in 2012. The information gained has been used to create safety awareness campaigns and inform all the work that IPAF does, including developing industry guidance and training.
Guest presenters will look in-depth at the previously unpublished data from the UK, covering 2016 – 2019, and explore the trends across different industries and work tasks. Why the project and accident reporting portal is important and how the data is used.
You will also hear about IPAF’s Global MEWP Safety Report 2016-2018, which presents key findings from the federation’s analysis of accident statistics from 25 countries around the globe. Read the report online now at www.ipaf.org/accident (available in multiple languages).
Finally, you will get a chance to have a preview of the new IPAF Accident Reporting Portal.

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