Never Attach a Banner to a MEWP Toolbox Talk

Never Attach a Banner to a MEWP Toolbox Talk
Added 31 Mar 2020
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Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are not advertising displays. MEWPs are designed to take persons, tools and equipment within the platform to enable the occupants to work safely at height.

Attaching a sign or banner to a MEWP will potentially make the MEWP unstable. This can cause an overturn and result in serious injuries to people and damage to property.

Wind speed will often increase with height, as well as between or over buildings or objects (the funnel effect). What feels like low wind speed on the ground may be quite different when the platform is raised.

Even indoors a MEWP can be subject to wind coming through large openings.


This toolbox talk applies to:

  • User (who has control of the use of the MEWP on site);
  • Site manager and supervisors where MEWPs are in use;
  • MEWP operators.


Toolbox talks are short discussion sessions that allow you and your workers to explore the risks and safety issues specific to your work site. The talks should focus on a single topic. A toolbox talk should be a regular occurrence to reinforce learning and gain worker buy-in.


IPAF’s toolbox talks focus on key issues when using mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), as well as mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs) or hoists. The talks build on the safety messages highlighted through the Andy Access campaign (, and these posters will form part of your briefing. It is advisable that these posters be used throughout your worksite to reinforce your safety messages.


Ref: TE-1010-0320-1-en-US