IPAF Webinar: Key Aspects of Safe Operation of MCWPs

Added 8 Jul 2021
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This webinar was broadcasted on 7 July 2021, in English only.

Three elements are crucial to guarantee the safe operation of mastclimbing work platforms (MCWPs). These are training, technical inspections, and maintenance. In this webinar, expert guest speakers will examine each of these three main areas, looking at best practice to ensure safe and effective use of MCWPs, covering the entire lifecycle of these machines.


  • Ayumu Kikuhara, President, Lara Co & Ltd, President, Japan Lift Climber Association
  • Cliff Goring IEng MIET, Senior Instructor, Alimak Group UK Ltd
  • Scott Grant, Director, Safety Training and Consultancy Services Ltd (STaCS)
  • Host - Angel Ibanez, MCWP Global Representative, IPAF

This webinar is sponsored by: Maber Hoist Srl, Hydro Mobile, Elevek, TorgarFraco and Alimak. 

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