IPAF Logos

Added 1 May 2018
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The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has a collection of logos that can be used by members and non-members, these are detailed below. The official IPAF Logo and IPAF.org logo are registered trademarks and can only be used by IPAF or with prior permission from IPAF. As such they are not available for download.

Modifying an IPAF logo or the use of an IPAF logo by an unauthorized person/company is strictly forbidden.

Contact marketing@ipaf.org for queries on logos and usage.

IPAF Member

This logo can only be used by members to signify that they are a member of IPAF. This logo can be downloaded here (member login required).

IPAF-Approved Training Centre

This logo can only be used for IPAF-Approved training centers to show they offer IPAF training. The logo can be downloaded from the IPAF training system or by contacting marketing@ipaf.org.

IPAF Equation Logo

This logo represents IPAF's activities in training and is used on all material related to training, the Operators' Safety Guide, Log Book, etc. It can be used by IPAF approved training centers and available by contacting marketing@ipaf.org.

IPAF Tick Logo

This logo is used to signify trained operators who hold a valid PAL Card. It is available for download below in a variety of formats. Trained operators should always carry their PAL Card.