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IPAF Member Logos
Added 15 Feb 2018
Last updated 15 Feb 2018

This IPAF logo is for use by members to show affiliation with IPAF. It can be used on a wide range of members' material such as letterheads, websites and advertisements.

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  • Stay safe when working near RF sources with Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs). This leaflet highlights the key risks from RF and how to avoid them.

    Added 8 Sep 2023
    Last updated 8 Sep 2023

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    IPAF Radio Frequency Leaflet Mockup - EN
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    IPAF Women in Powered Access Mentoring Scheme

    IPAF’s Women in Powered Access initiative are launching a mentoring scheme for Women in the Powered Access Industry who are looking for extra support and guidance to sustain and promote their career within the Powered Access Industry.

    Added 5 Jul 2023
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  • IPAF's Innovate event sees teams work together in small groups to create achievable solutions to known industry issues. The 2022 summary paper provides an overview of each topic, including "Preventing Workers Falling From MEWPs" and "Operator Training & Retraining".

    Added 16 Dec 2022
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