Two more Toolbox Talks and Andy Access posters released

Toolbox Talk A24 EN

The latest additions to the successful Toolbox Talk series have been released by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), entitled Safe Workshop Servicing & Repair of MEWPs and Travelling in a MEWP as an Occupant. Both are accompanied by a new Andy Access poster underlining the primary safety messages.  

Moving, testing, servicing or repairing MEWPs exposes workshop employees to hazards and risks that vary depending on the type of MEWP and the service or repair being carried out. Good working practices in any workshop environment contribute to the everyday safe performance of tasks, focusing on reducing risks to personnel, equipment, materials and the environment.  

The Travelling in a MEWP as an Occupant Toolbox Talk and accompanying “Keep All Occupants Safe” Andy Access poster were developed as the latest data collected by IPAF’s ongoing Incident Reporting Project indicated a number of entrapment incidents involving occupants of scissor lifts in particular. The Toolbox Talk and poster are aimed at reminding operators of their responsibilities to safeguard all occupants and offer guidance to platform occupants to remain vigilant and not to distract the operator.  

Brian Parker, IPAF’s Head of Safety & Technical, says: “These two new messages continue to build on the range of safety briefings and Andy Access posters already produced and made available free of charge to anyone in our industry. We hope they are a useful resource in keeping workplaces safe wherever MEWPs are operated.” 

● IPAF’s Toolbox Talks can be found at and Andy Access posters at; all are free to review and download. 

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