Save a life by using an IPAF Toolbox Talk

MEWP Pre-Use Inspection

The first in a series of potentially life-saving safety briefings has been launched by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF). IPAF’s ‘Toolbox Talks’ series of safety presentations are ideal for use in break rooms or on work sites to allow health & safety managers or site supervisors to get key messages across at the start of a shift.

The talks are very short, being based on a single sheet of paper, with bullet-points and easy-to-digest information aimed at conveying best practice guidance and safety advice based on IPAF’s own technical and safety publications and supported by the popular Andy Access series of safety posters.

The first release schedule has seen topics including MEWP Familiarisation, MEWP Pre-Use Inspections and MEWP Rescue Plans covered in Toolbox Talks translated into all main IPAF languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and simplified Chinese. To browse and download the new IPAF Toolbox Talks free of charge, simply visit; more will be added, so it’s advisable to keep checking the IPAF website for the latest releases.

Peter Douglas, CEO & MD of IPAF, says of the Toolbox Talks: “Since IPAF began producing the Andy Access series of safety posters, we have been urging safety managers and workforce supervisors to include them as part of their regular site safety briefings. These new Toolbox Talks go the extra step by creating a crib-sheet that highlights the key bullet-points of information to get across.

“We urge everyone who plans, manages or oversees MEWP operations to take a few minutes to look at the new IPAF Toolbox Talks online and start downloading them today; a few minutes spent giving your team a safety update before work starts for the day could easily prevent an accident in which someone is seriously hurt or killed.”

Claude Dubé, IPAF’s Technical & Safety Manager, who worked with members of the IPAF UK Country Council to develop the Toolbox Talks, adds: “There’s nothing in these presentations that is particularly complicated or new to most people using MEWPs on a daily basis; the aim is to refresh key safety messages, focus minds on the job and help ensure that regular users of powered access machines do not become complacent through familiarity.

“The Toolbox Talks are designed to make the information easy to share, keeping the messages fresh and relevant and reminding everyone of their safety responsibilities. Already our Toolbox Talks have attracted a lot of interest and downloads; we ask all companies and individuals involved in the use of powered access to conduct temporary work at height to keep pushing these simple but necessary safety messages out there.”

To see the full range of IPAF safety and technical guidance, Toolbox Talks and Andy Access posters, which are all free to view and download, visit, or; information on IPAF’s recent global safety awareness campaigns can be found via, including Back to Basics, Plan Ahead for Safety and Street Smart.

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