Ramirent bolsters IPAF’s training offer in Baltic state


Operators can now benefit from quality ISO-certified MEWP training in Estonia and Latvia, which join Lithuania in being able to offer courses developed by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), thanks to Ramirent successfully achieving IPAF certification for its training centres in the Baltic countries.

Now that the IPAF accreditation process is completed, training candidates can undergo quality training leading to the IPAF PAL Card in all three Baltic countries via Ramirent locations. Ramirent, a Loxam company, has an established presence across Scandinavia and the Baltics, and is the latest company to offer IPAF training in the region, in line with increasing demand for quality trained MEWP operators.

Kent Boström, IPAF’s Representative for the Nordic & Baltic Region, comments: “Demand for quality training across the region continues to build, a surge that began in 2017, when it was announced that a global social media company was constructing a data centre near Odense in Denmark. Mace was the main contractor on that project and specified IPAF-trained MEWP operators.

“I think one factor why multinational contractors require IPAF’s MEWP operator training is that it is certified by TÜV as conforming to the international standard ISO 18878 Mobile elevating work platforms – Operator (driver) training, and audited to be consistent wherever in the world it’s delivered. We hope that with Ramirent Baltics becoming accredited to deliver IPAF training this will ultimately help to keep workers safe when using powered access across the whole region.”

Heiki Onton, Managing Director at Ramirent Baltics, says: “We are pleased that Ramirent Baltics has achieved the status of becoming a certified Training Centre for IPAF in all three Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This helps us provide even higher levels of customer service when renting MEWPs, and also raise the quality of work and safety when providing powered access services to Ramirent customers.”

Boström adds: “With more than 2 million IPAF PAL Cards delivered worldwide to date, and almost 850,000 valid cards currently in circulation, IPAF offers the world’s best recognised MEWP operator training. IPAF also now offers its digital PAL Card as standard wherever training is delivered, via the new ePAL digital mobile app for operators and managers. The app is free to download for all new and existing IPAF licence and qualifications holders. Simply search ‘IPAF ePAL’ in the Apple Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.”

● To find out more about IPAF membership or to become a member please visit www.ipaf.org/become-member or click www.ipaf.org/training to find details about the IPAF training programme and find an accredited training centre near you via the geolocation search function. See www.ipaf.org/contact for details of your nearest IPAF office or representative.

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