ePAL MEWP operator app rolls out in additional languages

ES & FR ePAL screenshots

The ePAL mobile app for operators of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs) that brings training certification into the digital era and reduces the environmental impact of issuing the International Powered Access Federation’s (IPAF) PAL Card and training certification is now available in six additional languages, following its launch in English earlier this year.

IPAF’s ePAL app is free to use and features a digital IPAF PAL Card, operator log book and operator safety guide. It allows operators to receive best practice tips and safety information and lets them share qualifications with site managers quickly and easily. It’s now available for all new and existing IPAF licence and qualifications holders in Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Uruguay. January 2022 will see the final part of the rollout in North America, Austria, Brazil, Germany and Italy.

The ePAL app is a major step forward in IPAF’s ongoing drive to boost sustainability, as it shifts away from issuing plastic PAL Cards and paper certification to every person successfully completing or renewing an IPAF operator course. The app also cuts the processing time and resources required to issue physical PAL Cards and certification. 

Peter Douglas, IPAF CEO & MD, says: “The ePAL app helps reduce the number of steps in processing a PAL Card, cutting delays and carbon emissions involved in needlessly shipping items around the globe. We urge new and existing PAL Card holders around the world to download the app and upload their digital PAL Card to their mobile device, as well as begin logging equipment time, and flagging any incidents or near-misses via the IPAF reporting project direct from the app.” 

● To find out more about the new IPAF ePAL mobile app, see www.ipaf.org/ePAL; the app is available for Apple iOS and Android through Google Play and will be updated with additional features as usage demands and evolving technology allows.

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  • A new document has been produced by IPAF explaining what a MEWP Safe Use Program is and why users need to have one in place. The document is a guide to the requirement, part of updated ANSI A92 standards that went into effect during 2020.

  • IPAF has seen a surge of new members, taking the total number beyond the 1,500 mark. The increase is partly owing to the powered access industry’s strong recovery after the pandemic and partly the introduction of a new Safety Professional category.