Site Assessment Course

Site Assessment

Site Assessment (for MEWP Selection) Training Course

This course launches 31st March 2021. 

Selecting a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) can be complex and challenging. Being confident and sufficiently knowledgeable to select the correct MEWP for the job directly reduces risk. Correct MEWP selection also improves the effectiveness and efficiency of MEWP operation, reducing unnecessary costs and creating the ability to work to slicker timescales.

The course guides candidates through the process of determining the optimum MEWP for a given task. Factors covered include height, reach, up-and-over height, the weight of people, required materials & tools, environment, restrictions, set-up, hazards, permits, accessories, delivery, and completion of documentation to justify the selection. The course is theory-based only and incorporates an exam.

On completion of this course, the candidate will receive an IPAF certificate as evidence of successful training. Please note, there is no expiration date on the certificate.

"Providing the customer with the right solution to perform the working at height task safely and efficiently is a primary activity of any powered access rental company. I believe the IPAF Site Assessment Training Course is a significant step forward in supporting this need; it provides consistency and a clearly thought-out approach. The customer can be assured that the advice given is backed by high-quality training and this, together with the on-site assessor’s experience, should logically result in fewer errors and incidents on the worksite." Brian Stead, Services Director, Loxam Pad & Chair of the IPAF UK Country Council.

Who is this course for? 

Those working for rental companies who need to determine which type of MEWP a client should rent/hire from them for the work required. Those working in any industry, such as supervisors, who wish to gain the confidence and knowledge required to make their own decision about which kind of MEWP to rent/hire for the work required. Safety professionals who need to assess whether or not the MEWP being used is the best selection for the task. N.B. all candidates must hold a valid PAL Card for operator training or a MEWPs for Managers qualification.

How long is this course? 

The course lasts half a day. The course can be taken either at an IPAF-approved training centre or entirely online via eLearning - candidates work through the modules in their own time.

How can I book the course? 

To book, contact your nearest IPAF-approved Training Centre. Use the Training Centre locator and select 'SA' from the drop-down training type filter. 

Contact an IPAF Training Centre to book

"IPAF’s Site Assessment (for MEWP Selection) Training Course provides all the fundamental skills and an understanding of which questions to ask when making the right choice of MEWP. The training is perfect for rental companies that advise their customers and is also incredibly useful to any organisation that empowers their own employees to make such decisions. Getting the choice of MEWP right is efficient, effective and profitable. Getting it wrong is expensive and can even be deadly.’ Paul Roddis, Training Manager, IPAF