IPAF Member Logos

IPAF Member Logos
Added 15 Feb 2018
Last updated 15 Feb 2018

This IPAF logo is for use by members to show affiliation with IPAF. It can be used on a wide range of members' material such as letterheads, websites and advertisements.

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    Financial Advice on Behalf of Top Service

    Financial advice & articles published on behalf of Top Service, a credit control company. These articles are exclusive to IPAF Members.

    Added 1 Mar 2021
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    ERA Equipment CO2 calculator

    ERA Equipment CO2 Calculator, a free to use and independent tool for evaluating the carbon emissions of construction equipment.

    Added 14 Jan 2021
    Last updated 14 Jan 2021

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    IPAF Categories

    The IPAF training categories, with abbreviations and brief explanations.

    Added 12 Nov 2019
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    IPAF Category Leaflet