Safe Loading and Unloading of MEWPs on Public Highways

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Added 23 Feb 2024
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When a MEWP is delivered or collected from a site, loading and unloading on the public highway should be avoided wherever possible. The aim is to minimise risk to employees and members of the public by ensuring delivery vehicles park away from public highways and pavements.

The User/hirer is responsible for providing a designated safe area for (un)loading activity to take place. The designated area should be of sufficient size, well-lit, on firm and level ground, be segregated from other work activities, free of traffic, pedestrians and clear of overhead or underground hazards. To achieve this, consider changing the layout of the yard or parking area to allow loading and unloading within the work site. Alternatively, request smaller delivery vehicles when placing the original order and check this when receiving confirmation of any delivery or collection of equipment.

For construction operations, consider delivery vehicle access at the design stage and incorporate appropriate rules into the construction safety plan. If use of the highway is unavoidable, local authorities may impose conditions on the practice and enforce these in the event of contravention.

Ref: TE-30-EN--V11.0-2023-11-08