Accident Data Summary Reports

Added 21 Mar 2018
Last updated 21 Mar 2018

IPAF’s accident reporting project, launched in 2012, is compiling a comprehensive record of known accidents. The accident data gathered enables IPAF to improve the content of training programmes, develop technical guidance, target specific high-risk professions or activities, and provide research findings to bodies developing and drafting new industry standards.

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  • The 2022 Rental Market Reports are now available to pre-order. The award-winning reports, produced by Ducker, are presented in an easy-to-read format and are the definitive guide to the powered access rental markets.

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    Krafthand Media has published this year's edition of the German-language IPAF-Journal magazine. The circulation of 40,000 copies is distributed through IPAF member companies and training centres to customers, course participants and other interested parties, as well as through the recipients of bd-baumaschinenendienst and GaLaBau magazines to companies in the construction industry.

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    IPAF UK Market Report

    IPAF has worked together with Ducker to research the size of the UK powered access market, this data is correct as of November 2021.

    Added 25 Nov 2021
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