IPAF ANCH’IO 2024: The Future of Aerial Work Platforms in Italy

IPAF Staff at ANCH'IO event

The biennial Italian IPAF ANCH’IO event was held in Bologna on Friday, 31 May, featuring a dynamic format focused on safety content and stage-audience interaction. 

Considering the ongoing issue of workplace accidents, with an average of three fatalities per day in Italy, the event called for more conscious and responsible behaviour. Best practices for health and safety in the use of aerial work platforms were the focus of the third edition of IPAF ANCH’IO, held at The Sydney Hotel, the only event dedicated to the aerial work platform sector in Italy this year. 

The day began with a customary greeting from IPAF CEO and Managing Director Peter Douglas, who shared significant business statistics to attendees. Following this, Nicola Pontini presented a session on "Low Level Access” and ergonomics, and introduced the DPI-CARD project, an initiative bringing together three historic competitors in the personal protective equipment sector, Camp, Delta-Plus and Spanset, to promote safety. 

Brian Parker, IPAF's Head of Safety and Technical, then discussed the 2024 global safety campaign, "CRUSHING CAN KILL!", aimed at raising awareness and reducing trapping and crushing incidents involving Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs). 

Mid-morning featured a roundtable on communication, moderated by Emanuela Pirola and Giacomo Galli, with participation from Alessandra Mainini (CTE), Paola Palazzani (PALAZZANI), Sara Trabucchi (NOVITAL), and Alessandro Flisi (SOCAGE). Topics included effective communication, the impact of distorted communication on safety, and how to communicate work ethics, safety, and sustainability. 

In the afternoon, the focus shifted to technology applied to safety. Digital innovation is revolutionising workplace safety, and IPAF continues to be at the forefront of this transformation. With more providers and tech companies developing digital solutions for accident prevention, IPAF is acting as a catalyst to guide the aerial work platform sector towards new safety frontiers. 

Many service companies, including multinationals, have collaborated with IPAF to explore new business development opportunities. These companies are embracing digitalisation, integrating digital tools with machinery, dashboards, and personal protective equipment to enhance workplace safety. 

The key concept of this initiative is the "technology table," a forum where the industry can explore, discuss, and implement advanced technological solutions to improve workplace safety. Representatives discussed how technology can be applied to enhance machine and site safety. 

Diego Benetton (MABER) then outlined IPAF's training offerings for Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs) & Construction Hoists (CH) and proposed the establishment of a working group with manufacturers and rental companies for rack-and-pinion systems. Maurizio Quaranta presented the IPAF Rental Standard, a guide outlining best operational practices and quality criteria for companies renting MEWPs, MCWP & CH. This standard aims to promote safety, professionalism, and efficiency in the aerial equipment rental sector, enhancing the reputation of rental companies as reliable and responsible partners. 

A second roundtable moderated by Maurizio Quaranta and Pier Angelo Cantù, included Romina Vanzi (IPAF), Marco Prosperi (ASSODIMI), Matteo Iori (IMER), and Nicola Violini (HAULOTTE). They discussed market drivers, state aid, tariffs, and market trends. Audience participation was notable, with insightful questions and comments throughout. 

The day concluded with IPAF staff available for a wide range of questions. IPAF ANCH’IO once again proved to be a facilitator of connections, a place for learning, and a driver for innovation in the industry. By creating a space where manufacturers, training centres, and companies can interact, IPAF actively contributes to networking and the development of advanced safety solutions - In Italy and around the world. 

For more information about IPAF’s upcoming events, visit ipaf.org/events 

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