All active IPAF training centres are subject to quality audits and expected to meet stringent quality procedures. This ensures that training is delivered to high standards on a consistent basis throughout the world. 

There are four types of audits: initial audits of facilities, annual surveillance audits, unannounced audits and telephone audits. Active IPAF-approved training centres receive a surveillance visit each year. This involves a review of the training facilities and identification of any corrective action needed. The auditor also examines the training paperwork and instructors’ records to verify compliance with the documented training centre requirements. Unannounced visits are selected at random by the auditing team from the dates and locations provided through the IPAF online application system. The auditor assesses the day’s training session, which includes a theory and a practical part.

The auditing team comprises independent, quality assurance professionals who have experience in the access industry. All auditors are accredited ISO 9001 lead auditors.

See the Our Team Page for a current list of auditors.

How to identify an IPAF auditor

To check the identity of IPAF Auditors, you can request to see their Auditor Identification Card. This will be marked "IPAF Auditor" under the Types section.

All IPAF Auditors have an IPAF ID Card. Please do not release audit information to anyone who cannot prove that he/she is an IPAF Auditor. If you have any doubt, contact your nearest IPAF office or e-mail

Virtual audits

A virtual audit is one that is conducted without the auditor being physically present at the training centre. It covers all the same audit criteria that are usually covered during an onsite training centre surveillance audit.

Virtual Surveillance Audit Guidance (UK) (members only)