ERA Equipment CO2 calculator

Added 14 Jan 2021
Last updated 30 Sep 2022

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The European Rental Association (ERA) have created an Equipment CO2 Calculator, a free to use and independent tool for evaluating the carbon emissions of construction equipment.

The Calculator determines the carbon footprint of equipment over its entire lifecycle and is applicable to all types of equipment, from mini excavators and wheel loaders to generators, boom lifts and access platforms. It has six easy steps, requiring basic information about the characteristics and use of a piece of equipment – equipment production, transportation, lifetime and utilisation, energy consumption, maintenance and end-of-life – and the users are guided through the process step-by-step.

The results will enable equipment users to determine the climate impact of entire fleets of equipment or the total carbon footprint of all machines on a given construction site, as well as compare different use scenarios, investigate which part of the lifecycle contributes most to the carbon footprint and evaluate the effects of alternative fuel choices.

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