IPAF supports Turkish Rental Association event Platform Gunleri 2023

Platformder & IPAF

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) was delighted to support the Association of Personnel Lifting and Transmission Platform Operators (PLATFORMDER) on their event Platform Gunleri 2023. IPAF has worked with the Turkish Rental, Manufacturer and Distributor Association of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) since the agreement between the two organisations in 2020, to benefit the powered access industry in Turkey and collaborate to improve safety standards.  

Platform Gunleri 2023, owned by Platformder, the umbrella organisation of the MEWP Industry in Turkey, organised by Hybrid Communications and officially supported by IPAF, was held in Istanbul on 21-23 September 2023. 

The three-day event provided visitors with the chance to view new products, special campaigns, competitions, seminars, training, networking activities and social media live broadcasts and included the participation of 28 exhibitors 

Mr. Saruhan Günaydın, Chairman of the Board of Platformder, made the opening speech of the event: "Platformder, which has been taking firm steps towards becoming the only specialised association of the sector since its establishment, continues to create added value for the sector by making its dreams its goal, without repeating the same things. Platform Gunleri 2023, which we organised for the third time this year, has been the best example of the added value we have created for the sector and has already made significant progress towards becoming an international event. Everyone who attends and visits the event will see this situation closely."   

In his speech, Mr. Günaydın also gave information about the MEWP market in Turkey; “In the research we conducted as an association at the end of 2022, it was estimated that around 23,000 machines were in rental parks and end users in our country. While there are 15 platforms for every 100,000 people in our country, this figure is 65 platforms in Germany, which is closest to us in terms of population. This shows that the market in our country will grow more than five times.”  

Mr. Günaydın also said; "I would like to thank IPAF, our international  partner who has always supported us, through Mrs. Romina Vanzi. with this event, we are opening a new page with IPAF in Turkey". 

While the most important local and foreign brands participated in Platform Gunleri 2023, the participation of senior executives of the companies of foreign brands attracted attention. 

During the event, companies promoted their products practically in the demo area, while the companies participating in the event also signed sales contracts with the companies they made bulk sales with. In the digital application areas established in the event area, the participants took photos and published them with the hashtag #platformgunleri2023. 

The next Platformder event will be held on 16 September 2024, for more information on the event and Platform Gunleri news, visit: www.platformgunleri.org.  

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