IPAF Rental Standard set for Asia Conference launch

IPAF Rental+ The IPAF Rental Standard You Can Trust for MEWP Hire

A new standard to help equipment rental companies comply with safety requirements and important legislation and to assist them in consistently delivering excellent customer service will be launched at the Asia Conference, hosted by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) in Bangkok, Thailand, on 3&4 August.  

Written by a group of respected industry experts, the IPAF Rental Standard comprises a set of guidelines for the benefit of equipment rental companies, new and existing, as well as contractors and end users of powered access. By following the voluntary standard, rental companies can increase safety, reduce incidents, and avoid lost working time.  

The purpose of the standard is to ensure that good practice is shared around the world, within both established and emerging powered access markets. Any rental company adhering to the new standard can be reassured that they have adopted industry-recognised good practice. 

Martin Wraith, IPAF Rental+ Scheme Manager, says “There’s a host of global standards around design, safe use, and training with which powered access companies must be compliant. But if a contractor wants to know what a good rental company looks like, or someone wants support setting up and managing a rental company, there was no recognised standard or guidance available – so IPAF has set a standard that will give both rental company owners/managers and their end customers peace of mind that they are operating to recognised good practice.  

“For IPAF member rental companies that comply to the new standard, it’s an excellent pathway to becoming a certified member to the IPAF Rental+ Scheme. 

“The IPAF Rental+ Scheme has been mandated for all UK rental/hire members by the UK Country Council, which itself is made up entirely of IPAF members. It is operational on a voluntary basis within the UAE and Ireland, and expressions of interest have been received from other regions including Singapore, Latin America, and mainland Europe. 

“The launch of the new IPAF Rental Standard in Asia will allow companies to get to grips with some of the requirements of the IPAF Rental+ Scheme and help pave the way for them to become IPAF Rental+ certified in the future if they so choose. 

“Moreover, the new standard will provide rental companies with an industry-specific mechanism to measure compliance and deliver continuous improvement in all operational sectors of their business. This demonstrates to their customers and rental partners their commitment to promoting and enabling the safe, effective use of powered access and delivering a quality service.” 

Peter Douglas, CEO & MD of IPAF, adds: “IPAF Rental+ is a badge of professionalism across the powered access industry; all of IPAF’s UK hire company members have achieved the IPAF Rental+ standard, as mandated by the IPAF UK Country Council back in 2017 – now as an organisation we are turning our attention to internationalising the scheme, and the introduction of the IPAF Rental Standard is an important step.  

“There is an acknowledged elevated level of interest in the standard in south-east Asia, so it seemed an obvious choice to launch it officially at the IPAF Asia Conference in Bangkok. We hope those in attendance and the wider industry will engage with the standard and will find it useful in both day-to-day operations and the more strategic elements of running a safe and successful rental company.”  

● Visit www.ipaf.org/rental for more information about the IPAF Rental Standard of IPAF Rental+, to find an IPAF Rental+ certified company or for details of how to become IPAF Rental+ certified. Registrations to attend the IPAF Asia Conference are open now, click here to register your place. 

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