IPAF MEWP operator training to start in Thailand

Promech first Training Centre in Thailand

The first IPAF Approved Training Centre has opened in Thailand following the tenth IPAF Asia Conference held in Bangkok. 

The world-leading quality training, developed by IPAF, will be available for the first time in the country to meet the ongoing demand in the Asia Pacific region, extending the number of countries to seven in the region to deliver the MEWP operator training, which includes South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Myanmar and China.  

Promech Resources became an IPAF member in early 2023 as a dealer and distributor throughout Thailand. The company wanted to work towards providing its customers with good practice training, allowing them to take machines away with the certainty they had the appropriate skills to operate them. 

Managing Director of Promech Resources, John Hamilton, comments: “We are very pleased to join IPAF as a training centre. We are happy to expand our services, from repairing, renting and distributing powered access to include IPAF training. We were also pleased to welcome attendees from the IPAF Asia Conference to visit our premises in Thailand. We showed event delegates our different departments and introduced them to my colleagues. We are looking forward to joining IPAF and guests at the next IPAF Asia Conference in China.” 

Raymond Wat, IPAF’s Representative for the South East Asia Region, adds: “Since I joined IPAF, we have seen an increasing demand for not just IPAF Training but for the assistance to work to provide information and guidance to companies and operators across the region. It is great to welcome Promech Resources, as IPAF’s first approved training centre in Thailand.  

“I hope this development in the region encourages more training providers to undertake the IPAF accreditation process over the next few months as demand grows for trained powered access operators on work sites. I am pleased to promote that IPAF training is certified to the ISO18878 standard and audited to be consistent wherever in the world it is delivered. 

“My team were pleased to announce next year's IPAF Asia Conference, will take place in China, the largest region in Asia for both IPAF training and membership. We look forward to welcoming guests together once again.” 

● To find an IPAF Approved Training Centre near you, visit www.ipaf.org/training to find out more about IPAF training. 

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