FEM succeeds in bid to extend EU Stage V deadlines

After months of intense lobbying, the European Materials-Handling Federation (FEM) and its partners have gained EU approval for a request to delay implementation of Stage V regulations concerning the manufacture and distribution of non-road-mobile machinery (NRMM), including Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs).

The FEM asked that deadlines for compliance with the new regulations regarding NRMM fitted with transition engines <56kW and ≥130kW be pushed back by 12 months from 30 June and 31 December 2020 respectively. This has now been approved by the Commission and Parliament of the EU.

IPAF, a long-standing member of the FEM, was involved in discussions around the new legislation, which will affect among other things new approved maximum emissions output levels for NRMM, including boom and scissor lifts, and welcomes the delay to the planned deadlines, which will require retroactive compliance.

Claude Dubé, IPAF’s UK Technical & Safety Manager, says: “We’re pleased the EU has approved this delay. For many firms, compliance with new regulations will require recalibration. Businesses and project managers now have longer to understand the implications of the regulations and plan for their implementation in 2021.”

Anyone requiring more information about the changes to the EU Stage V deadlines is invited to contact IPAF’s Technical & Safety department for assistance. Please use www.ipaf.org/contact to find details of your nearest IPAF office or representative.

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