IPAF Webinar: High Voltage! Safety Campaign 2023

Online, via Zoom
18 October 2023, 12:00 (GMT+1)

Electrocutions involving MEWPs are one of the main causes of fatalities in the powered access industry. This webinar underpins IPAF’s international safety campaign 2023 - High Voltage! which identifies hazards and risks associated with working near power lines and explains how to avoid them and work safely.

Hosted by IPAF’s Brian Parker and Mike Ashton, you’ll also hear from three guest speakers including two members of the international working group (Glen Cook and Peter Wellspring) who were involved in the development of IPAF’s Technical Guidance – The Safe Use of MEWPs in the Vicinity of Power Lines.

Glen Cook will share insights into specific hazards associated with overhead power lines and what action to take should an incident occur. He’ll also explain what is meant by ‘touch and step potential’ as referred to in the above-mentioned IPAF Technical Guidance.

Peter Wellspring will explain how vehicle-mounted platforms are used to aid the construction and maintenance of transmission and distribution power lines that supply Australia’s electrical infrastructure and will examine a case study – a fatality involving a MEWP – looking at how the incident could have been prevented.

Jim Waldron will provide details about the new Machinery Regulations 2023/1230 which replace the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive. He will look at how the new regulations may affect manufacturers, rental companies and users/hirers of powered access equipment when working near overhead power lines.

This webinar will be broadcast via Zoom and will be in English. A recording will be available on IPAF's YouTube channel after the webinar, for anyone unable to watch live.

- Brian Parker (IPAF)
- Mike Ashton (IPAF)
- Glen Cook (Energy Queensland)
- Peter Wellspring (Bronto Skylift)
- Jim Waldron (Skyjack)

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