IPAF Webinar: Electrification – Why Old Habits Die Hard

Online, Zoom
19 January 2022

We all know we should be contributing to a greener world. Pressure to do so is growing exponentially in our macro environment - from legislators, regulators and a turning up of the volume in a changing political arena. This shapes our micro-environment and, ultimately, our decision making when it comes to investment choices. Most of us are mindful of adhering to our company’s environmental policy and taking corporate responsibility to support a cleaner planet and a more sustainable future. One step in the right direction is sure to choose electric machines over diesel-fuelled models; it figures. So why aren’t more companies selecting the power of the battery? At an individual level, we may listen to our consciences, but do we actually only hear the voice of the bottom line of today’s budget sheet? 
This webinar will investigate the obstacles that prevent progress – from issues with infrastructure, resistance-culture, perceived cost, and awareness of machine capability and, importantly, how we might approach overcoming these blockers and find where the opportunity lies. Guest speakers from different industry perspectives will take the pulse of the ‘fleet electrification culture’, looking at data from different countries and examining how barriers can be overcome. And how will embracing electrification pave the way for other technologies such as hydrogen-powered machines?  


  • Philippe Witte, Group Fleet Manager, Riwal
  • Remi Heidelberger, Product Marketing Manager, Haulotte

This webinar will be broadcast via Zoom and will be in English. A recording will be available on IPAF's YouTube channel after the webinar, for anyone unable to watch live.

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