Online, Via Microsoft Teams
24 November 2020, 13:00 (GST)

IPAF Members are invited to join the free Genie virtual inspection workshop in support with IPAF. 

Antony Chalissery, Technical Services Manager (the Middle East & Southern Africa) will be presenting the workshop. 

The topics covered in the workshop are: 

  • The criticality of machine operation and related responsibilities of an inspector.
  • Understanding the machine – from its model name
  • Understanding the relevant standard
  • Different machine functionalities, as per different standards
  • Finding out the right information regarding machine inspection
  • Safety Notices
  • The criticality of Tyres – Damages, Type, size etc.
  • Understanding overload testing and load limiting devices – The differences.
  • Elevated drive cut out on slopes
  • Testing Level sensors.

To register for the workshop contact Jason.woods@ipaf.org or romana.khan@ipaf.org