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In 2022, IPAF President Karin Nars launched the 'Women in Powered Access' initiative, inviting women of all ages and different professional roles to share their stories of inclusivity. The initiative includes a number of key actions, including providing a platform to tell the stories of women in powered access in both the media and at industry events. IPAF will also use its own print, web and social media platforms to share these inspirational case studies and will also continue to invite prominent women speakers to present at IPAF events. IPAF will share a series of case studies at  www.ipaf.org/casestudy to communicate the opportunities our industry offers women. 

What is your role in powered access? I am the SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment & Quality) Manager at Riwal Kazakhstan.

How did you come into this industry and what attracted you to it? My internship was with a local construction company, this was my initial step into the industry, in a Permit Coordinator assistant position, I learnt a lot about hazardous work on industry sites and realised that the way of delivering information to workers is very important. I always say to people “Safety starts with you”, be a good example to all and lead your team by showing a safe behavior. I like to explain to people what is the value of doing the work in a safe way and go home alive and healthy. I like to be a part of the system where we always refresh our minds that human life and health is the most important thing. I’ve worked for different types of companies in different activities and as a main focus and goal, I aim to work on the continuous improvement of safety culture. Over a year ago, I successfully passed an interview with Riwal Kazakhstan and became a part of the Riwal family.

What do you find inspiring about your role? Working in Riwal allows me to communicate with all staff daily, and gives me the inspiration to keep on pushing continuous improvement. And, I do like our machines, they are beautiful.

Where do you see yourself in five years and what do you want to achieve? I like my work, I feel a lot of responsibility for being the SHEQ person, I would like to grow in this sphere and become an expert in the field.

What one piece of advice would you give to other women in/thinking of entering the industry? Have selfconfidence and try to continuously improve, both will help you to be a valuable member to a business in the industry. It's important to have the ability to be a team player, be able to communicate. There is no need to play the role of a man, we need to be a woman who uses her own knowledge, experience and learn from the past.

“Have self-confidence and try to continuously Improve, both will help you to be a valuable member to a business In this Industry. ”