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In 2022, IPAF President Karin Nars launched the 'Women in Powered Access' initiative, inviting women of all ages and different professional roles to share their stories of inclusivity. The initiative includes a number of key actions, including providing a platform to tell the stories of women in powered access in both the media and at industry events. IPAF will also use its own print, web and social media platforms to share these inspirational case studies and will also continue to invite prominent women speakers to present at IPAF events. IPAF will share a series of case studies at  www.ipaf.org/casestudy to communicate the opportunities our industry offers women. 

What is your role in powered access? Head of ALO Training, I have had the opportunity to travel to different branches of the group in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Panama to give courses and meet higher level clients. These trips have strengthened the relationship with those who always find in ALO their best strategic ally. My responsibilities, therefore, are varied and range from interaction with clients, analysis of security trends in the market and academic coordination with other instructors.

How did you come into this industry and what attracted you to it? ? I joined ALO Group in February 2016, a leading company in Latin America, as an intern in Business Administration within the call center area. With unwavering determination and sincere dedication, I focused on the need to improve safety in working at heights. It was then that I proposed to the board of directors, led by the pioneer Sandra Franco, to take charge of ALO Training. Since then, I have worked on expanding the range of courses offered by the center to include the extensive range of equipment that the company has, such as Spiders, Truck-mounted platforms and Telescopic Handlers. My path at ALO Training has been diverse and enriching, having been in charge of the area for more than 7 years and contributing to the growth of ALO as a national leader in training.

What do you find inspiring about your role? What really inspires and motivates me in my work is the possibility of teaching and passing on my theoretical and practical knowledge to other operators. The satisfaction I feel when I see the growth of the participants is indescribable. The positive feedback and 100% approval rating we receive is, without a doubt, a tribute to the effort and quality of the work we do as a team of ALO instructors. 

Where do you see yourself in five years and what do you want to achieve? Taking on the responsibility of the Training Center was a complex initial challenge, but with perseverance, I have grown in all aspects. My short-term goal is to become a Senior Instructor and continue to offer the highest quality training. While my vision includes continuing to collaborate with ALO Group, to strengthen and expand the culture of safe work at its height in Chile and throughout Latin America.

What one piece of advice would you give to other women in/thinking of entering the industry? The idea of being an example or source of inspiration for other women in the industry is something that excites me, and I take very seriously. Personally, I strive to motivate women to overcome any fear, to dare to pursue what they want, to work with passion and to prove themselves in any job. It is important to recognize that women are taking on more and more relevant roles in various fields, even in those that were previously considered exclusively for men. This is our moment, and we must make the most of it.

“I strive to motivate women to overcome any fear, to dare to pursue what they want, to work with passion and prove themselves In any job. ”