Wind Rating: Using MEWPs in Wind

Added 16 Dec 2021
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The user must ensure that the operator controlling the Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) complies with the limits specified by the manufacturer. Operating an indoor use only MEWP or an indoor/outdoor MEWP at the indoor setting while exposed to wind is a violation of safe working practices.

MEWPs may encounter wind during operation, this can affect the stability of the machine. MEWPs must be designed and tested to demonstrate stability for operation while exposed to permissible wind speeds or be labelled as designed for indoor use only. Indoor-only MEWPs should only be used in areas where there is no wind force acting on the MEWP. Some MEWPs may be rated for use both indoors and outdoors use.

NOTE: This document has been written for the North American market but contains useful information and safe practice for use in other countries.

Ref: TE-1092-0620-1-en-US