Rescue of Persons from MEWPs

Added 1 Jan 2018
Last updated 29 Oct 2018

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When MEWPs are used there is always an inherent risk of people becoming stranded at height due to a machine malfunctioning, breaking down or other influences. Although measures can be put into place to reduce the risk such as regular maintenance of equipment and the use of competent operators, it is still important that organisations have plans in place should a rescue from a MEWP ever become necessary. 

This publication gives guidance to the organisation that has control of the planning, management and use of the MEWP on-site. Presented in easily digestible sections, it covers factors such as the Health and Safety legislative requirements, responsibility for rescue, means of rescue, the use of the Emergency Services and discusses scenarios such as rescues using another MEWP.

This guidance document focusses on UK legislation but is suitable for use in all countries. It has been compiled by the Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group (SFPSG) MEWPs Group which is chaired by the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) and administered and supported by International Powered Access Federation (IPAF).