IPAF Webinar: Sustainability in the powered access industry

Added 21 May 2021
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This webinar, broadcasted on 20 May 2021, explores issues around the future of environmental sustainability in the powered access industry and what we can do now to make a difference.

IPAF’s three-year plan includes commitment to reducing our carbon footprint through our own environmental sustainability project. The pandemic has accelerated the need for a quick-shift in many businesses to up their game in digitisation, virtual and online activities. In parallel, the industry has recently seen a massive diversion towards electrification of MEWPs, with electric machines becoming the choice of manufacturers and rental companies alike. What else can the powered access industry do to reduce its carbon footprint? What best practice can we learn from each other? Guest speakers share their thoughts and perspectives on the issues faced in the industry and how we can all make a difference in the face of the climate crisis.

Speakers: Andy Wright, CEO, Sunbelt Rentals Limited, UK Berenger Dudek, Quality, Safety & Environment Manager - Europe, Haulotte  Barrie Lindsay, Director of Engineering, JLG

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