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This webinar focused on what MEWP users need to understand and what industry stakeholders must consider. The practice of modifying machines can be a controversial topic conjuring a multitude of questions, complexities and implications. MEWP modifications are generally taboo, yet they frequently are made to MEWPs. This issue became a topic of debate in the US recently during the development of industry standards. The norm is to never modify a MEWP without the prior written approval of the MEWP manufacturer, yet MEWP users often make changes to the MEWP to address a site need, secondary suppliers offer to add on accessories, and MEWP manufacturers themselves offer many optional accessories.

The panel of presenters debated the answers to the following questions from different perspectives, examining what is currently happening in the market and what should be happening and, most importantly, how we can all best align these practices for safe and effective fleet management.

  • Why are MEWPs being modified? 
  • Do MEWP users understand the impact of modifications?
  • Could you be modifying your MEWP without realising it? And what exactly are your risks and responsibilities?
  • When does necessity drive change?

Please note: this webinar featured simultaneous translation in Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Chinese and Korean. Simultaneous translation recordings will be available shortly.

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