IPAF Guidance for Second Party Inspection Bodies

Added 1 Jan 2018
Last updated 1 Jan 2018

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Different legal requirements and working practices exist in countries throughout the world. Nevertheless, it is common practice in many countries to employ 2nd parties to carry out periodic in-service inspection of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). In this industry, a 2nd party is typically an in-house engineer who has the necessary independence and impartiality. In-service inspection is called “thorough examination” in UK law.

This guidance is intended to assist companies to demonstrate the independence, impartiality and integrity of the 2nd party inspection/examination bodies that they employ. These attributes are essential for a 2nd party inspection/examination body if they are to demonstrate that they can work in a professional and confidential manner without influence from other potentially competing pressures that could affect their judgements and the results of the periodic in-service inspection/thorough examinations they manage or carry out.

Ref: UKAT 02/09-001