Developing a MEWP Safe Use Program Guide

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Added 16 Dec 2021
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Federal regulations require employers to “furnish to each of their employees’ a place of employment free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm”. Industry standards offer recognized practices that assist employers in meeting their obligation to provide a safe workplace when using Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs).   

The ANSI A92.22 MEWP Safe-Use standard specifies requirements for the application, inspection, training, maintenance, repair, and safe operation of MEWPs. A safe-use program specific to MEWPs shall be developed by the user to ensure all responsibilities are met. The pictorial identifies the topics that must be included, which should be consider all MEWP safe-use responsibilities defined in the standard. 

IPAF has developed this guide to assist in your development of your MEWP-specific safe-use plan. For each topic to be included in the plan, it offers a brief overview, suggested actions steps, and resources to aid in your plan development. 

The scope and depth of your plan should be based on your MEWP operations. An operation that occurs once a year – changing lightbulbs, hanging festive decorations – may only need a concise, targeted plan, while others need more complex plans. The key is to plan and have the tools to ensure a safe workplace.

NOTE: This document has been written for the North American market but contains useful information and safe practice for use in other countries.

Ref: TE-1093-1121-1-en-US