COVID-19 Guidance for Thorough Examination

COVID-19 Guidance for thorough examinations
Added 9 Jun 2020
Last updated 9 Jun 2020

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Guidance for where a Thorough Examination cannot be carried out on a MEWP, MCWP or Construction Hoist due to COVID-19

Due to the unprecedented situation with COVID-19 there are many machines that now have an out of date thorough examination inspection record or may be due one within an unachievable timeframe.

After much consultation with IPAF and the wider industry, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has accepted that there may be situations that, as a direct result of COVID-19, it may not be possible for a Thorough Examination and Test (TE&T) to be conducted within the prescribed period and that the equipment may still need to be used.

This document is intended to provide guidance for the user of MEWPs/MCWPs and Construction Hoists in these situations and should be used in conjunction with the advice from the HSE available here.