IPAF Unveils Enhanced ePAL App 2.1

ePAL App 2.1

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) announces an update of the ePAL app, bringing the ability to conduct, record and share pre-use checks for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). These checks play a crucial role in ensuring the safe operation of powered access equipment.

Building on the success of the previous ePAL release in October, which introduced a way for MEWP operators to record their machine familiarisation status, ePAL continues to reinforce its status as an indispensable daily tool for those who work in the powered access industry.

New and existing features of the ePAL app:

  • Guided and Non-guided MEWP Pre-Use Checks: Streamlined digital versions for comprehensive assessments in adherence to manufacturer guidelines
  • Exportable Pre-Use Checks: Operators can now export and maintain records of their checks
  • Visual Warning for Failed Checks: Immediate alerts if a machine fails the Pre-Use Check, enhancing safety measures
  • Digital Logbook: Provides an overview of operating experience on various powered access machines
  • Machine Familiarisation Record: Keep a record of machine familiarisation, enhancing operator proficiency. Share machine work logs using device sharing tools, such as email and messages
  • Safety Guides Access: Operator and site safety guides are readily available through the safety section of the app
  • Digital Training Records: A digital wallet to store and share IPAF powered access licences and qualifications, including the PAL Card for mobile elevating work platform (MEWP), mast climbing work platform (MCWP) and construction hoist operators.
  • Reporting Accidents and Near Misses: Quick and anonymous access to report any accidents and near misses involving powered access machines, which helps IPAF to gather vital industry safety data

"The latest update to ePAL reaffirms our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the powered access industry," said Peter Douglas, CEO and Managing Director of IPAF. "We believe these enhancements will empower operators, ensuring they have the latest safety information available, while simplifying crucial processes in their daily operations."

Available for both new and existing IPAF licence and qualification holders, the ePAL app is accessible on iOS via the Apple Store and on Android through Google Play. For more information visit www.ipaf.org/ePAL.

As always, IPAF encourages users to share their feedback and ideas for future features through the app's dedicated feedback option in the more section.

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