IPAF pilots online shop for safety and promotional materials

IPAF pilots online shop for safety and promotional materials

A new online shop has been launched by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), offering the chance to order MEWP safety and technical guidance leaflets, stickers and decals, training materials and key IPAF publications including Informa magazine in Italian and IPAF-Journal in German.

The new shop is being trialled initially in Switzerland with a view to rolling it out in other territories once the trial period is complete. IPAF is working partner Sulser, which is providing fulfilment and logistics support.

Roger Schaffner, IPAF’s Switzerland Representative, says: “Members in Switzerland, especially IPAF Training Centres, regularly require a lot of material to support them in their work, including things such as operator test papers and operator’s safety guides, which are given out to those completing IPAF training.”

He adds: “This new online shop will allow them to see the full range of materials available to them and to order everything they need easily and at their convenience, which I hope will be of great benefit to them.”

Peter Douglas, IPAF CEO & MD, comments: “IPAF produces a great deal of useful information, publications, stickers, leaflets and marketing and promotional material in many different languages, which until now has only been available via IPAF’s stands at events or if members get in touch with our head office to request specific things.”

He continues: “Where our members need stocks of leaflets, stickers or other materials to support their activities, especially our approved Training Centres, they have had to get in touch with a member of the local office team to request items be shipped out to them on an ad-hoc basis.”

He concludes: “This new online shop is a great way to make the full range of IPAF safety and technical publications and promotional materials more visible and readily available to order. If this trial proves successful, it may very well become the way IPAF makes all materials available externally in future, so it’s a potentially very exciting development and will hopefully be very useful to our members in future.”

For more information about IPAF’s online shop, available initially only in Switzerland, see www.ipafshop.ch.

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  • Training candidates seeking to renew or obtain PAL Cards to operate MEWPs, and those seeking to undertake supervisor/manager courses are being advised to utilise IPAF’s existing options for remote training, as measures are introduced to temporarily extend expiring PAL Cards by up to 90 days for those who complete theory eLearning.

  • Accidents while working at height using MEWPs are proportionally more likely to occur when working in public areas or alongside roads than on controlled work sites such as construction sites or commercial premises, according to IPAF’s latest safety report. The report is now available to view or download free of charge via www.ipaf.org/accident

  • The IPAF Summit & IAPAs 2020 event, scheduled to be held in London, UK, on 23 April 2020, has been postponed and will now be held on 8 October, owing to ongoing concerns and contingency planning in response to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak.