Italy PDS 2020

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IPAF Instructors are invited to annual professional development seminars (PDS) to keep up-to-date on industry developments, share knowledge and gain continuous development points (CPD). 

The PDS programme is an important part of how IPAF keeps its instructors and training managers apprised of the latest industry developments and improvements to IPAF courses and training materials. IPAF instructors must keep their knowledge up to date and be aware that IPAF's global training programme never stands still. 

These events are also important in terms of IPAF listening to the valuable feedback from IPAF instructors and training centres to help improve IPAF's services. 

To view a list of upcoming PDS'S click here 

For more information on PDS's in your country/region, please email events@ipaf.org

*This member benefit is available to all IPAF instructors in the UK, Benelux, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, the Middle East and China.