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Minimise debt & maximise cashTop Service have been supporting the construction industry for over 30 years and are committed to provided the most up to date, specialist credit information to the construction industry along with effective debt recovery solutions.

In today's business landscape, managing risk and exposure to bad debt while ensuring a healthy cash flow is crucial for long-term success. Access to the right credit management tools and up-to-date industry-specific credit information can make a significant difference. Staying informed with industry-specific credit information and utilising the right credit management tools are essential for businesses looking to grow while managing risk and maintaining a healthy cash flow. It enables businesses to make informed decisions, reduce bad debt exposure, and optimise their credit policies to support sustainable growth.

Access to an effective debt recovery solution that understands your industry and works closely with your business can be instrumental in increasing cash flow. A strategic partner for your business that employs industry-specific knowledge, customised approaches, ethical practices, and persistence to recover outstanding debts while preserving your business relationships whenever possible.

Top Service can provide: 

  • Credit Information
  • Trading Experiences
  • Company Monitoring 
  • Director Monitoring
  • Chasing Letters
  • Debt Recovery
  • Pre-Litigation
  • Retention Collection
  • Post Insolvency Debt Collection

IPAF Member Benefit

Top Service offer IPAF members 25% off a standard membership (current membership rate is £49 per month, IPAF members pay £36.75). If you would like a free trial to see for yourself how you can benefit from a Top Service membership click here Top Service Free Trial

Another added benefit of Top Service's IPAF member benefit is the Financial Advice on Behalf of Top Service page. Only available in the IPAF Member area.

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“If it wasn’t for the trading experiences, based on a standard credit report we may well have opened the account and lost a serious amount of money”.

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*This member benefit is available to members in the UK.