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To apply to become a member of IPAF, please complete all applicable sections below.

Once your application has been received and reviewed, you will be sent an invoice for the cost of membership. Your application will then be progressed and for full members, placed in front of the relevant Council for final approval. We will keep you updated on the progress of your application. Your membership will not be active until the invoice has been paid and for full members, your application has been approved.

As a member you are required to abide by the RULES and the GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK POLICY of IPAF. You also agree to pay the annual membership fee and any associated audit fees. Full members have voting rights, associate members have no voting rights. Click here for full descriptions and prices, if you are still unsure on which to select, please contact your nearest IPAF office.

This IPAF membership application includes an application for a share which is allotted on admission to membership. Please see Section 8 of the Rules of IPAF for further information.

Membership Cancellation Policy

A company has the right to cancel its membership application at any time during the membership application process, prior to being confirmed as an IPAF member. Once a member, if you would like to cancel your membership, you should email your country/regional representative or the IPAF membership department (, confirming that you would like to cancel your/your company's membership and the reason why. Rules on the termination of memberships can be found in section 9 of the IPAF Rules.

IPAF Membership Application Form

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