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  • The ePAL mobile app for operators of powered access that brings training certification into the digital era and reduces the environmental impact of IPAF PAL Cards is now available in six additional languages, following its launch in English earlier this year.

  • Putting up and removing seasonal decorations can quickly turn into a festive hangover if those tasked with the work do not know how to select the correct type of MEWP, overlook the need to use professionally trained operators and supervisors, or if they try to save time or money by not following safe working practices, IPAF has warned

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    IPAF UK Market Report

    IPAF has worked together with Ducker to research the size of the UK powered access market, this data is correct as of November 2021.

    Added 25 Nov 2021
    Last updated

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    Health & Safety Magazine

    All IPAF members have access to a discounted subscription to the Health & Safety International magazine, IPAF members can subscribe for as little as £40 instead of the original £115. 

    Added 12 Nov 2021
    Last updated 12 Nov 2021

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    Health & Safety Int Mag
  • MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) can operate in many environments. In some situations, hazards may be identified that are difficult to be seen by the operator, including moving traffic or pedestrians.  In these cases, a spotter may be used but they must be competent and authorised.

    Added 5 Nov 2021
    Last updated 5 Nov 2021

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